With our eTech component we want to focus more on using innovative ideas to promote literacy and numeracy in primary schools. We want to offer these services especially to girls for free. That is to say, they do not need to pay money for these services. All their parents or caregivers need to bring to our innovation hub are plastic/agricultural waste materials. We want the children and people in general to know that we care about our environment.


Get started with Free Quality Education

Girls and teachers are encouraged to come for our tech classes to improve on the literacy numeracy of primary school pupils especially girls. Free! All they need to come along with are plastic/agricultural waste materials.

Join us to fight against POOR LITERACY and NUMERACY in Sierra Leone. 

We are to use tablets to promote literacy and numeracy of primary school children especially girls. For free. All they have to bring is plastic or agricultural waste.

This could be your story.

No more LITTERING. Promote HEALTHY life style and create opportunities for the marginalized.

Now you can focus on your work, not your litter. Just use the innovative bin!


All of your trash in one simple set of innovative trash bin (sky-blue for non-plastic waste and the yellow for plastic waste.

  • “Since our schools started using the eWomen Innovative Bins, children no longer litter and are now conscious about being friendly to their environment. The school pupils like this bin. We can recommend it to all organizations.”

    Rugiatu Nenneh Turay
    Former Deputy Minister and now CEO of AIM Sierra Leone
  • “The eWomen Innovative Bin is a Win-Win-Win. You can partner with local organizations and government and advertise their companies on these bins accordingly.”

    Shivani Chokshi
  • “The eWomen Innovation Bin is a small thing that makes big difference.”

    Kenton Lee
    CEO and Founder