iWaste Products and Services

Dedicated to bringing you the finest designing minds and innovation talent on the market to promote circular economy through zero waste.

It is all about creating new entrepreneurs and support existing ones to strengthen the Private Sector.


iBins (Innovative Bins)

International and GIZ Award winning bin that is in Sierra Leone to end littering and create jobs.



iTyres (Innovative Tyres)

Apart from the traditional carpentry products, we offer unique chairs, stools and other outdoor furniture made from waste tyres.


iPlastics (Innovative Plastics)

We recycle plastic waste into plastic bricks and pavers. We use the bricks to build affordable structures like outdoor toilets, canteens, stores etc. and the pavers to pave outdoors.


iPlayground (Innovative Playground)

We make eco-friendly playgrounds with components mainly made from waste tyres.


iFlowerPots (Innovative Flower Pots)

We offer nice flower pots made from waste tyres. We back this with a beautification service by installing the flower pots and plant flowers for our clients.


iShoes (Innovative Shoes)

Nice and modern looking shoes made from waste tyres. We also make super bead slippers to make our iShoes competitive and sustainable. 


iTrash (Innovative Trash)

Our iWaste concept is centered on the fact that TRASH IS MONEY. We therefore collect recyclable waste and sell to recyclers. Through the use of community plastic waste collection points, we will succeed to make Sierra Leone zero plastic waste.


iRoadPaving (Innovative Road Paving)

We have a perfect alternative way to pave feeder roads to help connect farmers to markets.


iNurseryBags (Innovative Nursery Bags)

We make nice nursery bags from plastic waste (water sachets) thereby help to address the waste and deforestation problem.

Key Points About Company 

We’re dedicated to excellence and precision – two things that have taken us far in the industry. We pride ourselves on our work, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done.