As an innovative organization, we keep innovating innovations to empower people out of poverty and unemployment through skills development.

It is all about developing the skills needed to promote the private sector. Women, persons with disability, former inmates and young people need to be employable but if they lack the skills, the private sector will suffer’.


All eWomen SL Skills

As an innovative organization, we have diverse business ideas as seen in our focal areas. You have the opportunity to learn by doing any of these skills.



We keep Innovating

We will constantly create new ideas and implement them. This make it possible to have more and more skills to offer you. Besides, r there are ,so many skills out there for you to learn to invest in yourself. For instance, you need digital skills, skills on how to apply for job, on hw to search for jobs, skills to manufacture local technologies and many more. eWomen SL can put you on track to develop your skills.


Never waste your Time

With eWomen SL, you time will never be wasted. You will also have something to improve on your personal skills to make you more marketable in the labor market.

Key Points About Company 

We’re dedicated to excellence and precision – two things that have taken us far in the industry. We pride ourselves on our work, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done.