iTech Products and Services

Using Community Technology Centers to build communities.

Centers that offer free basic compute, innovation and technology courses for volunteers from the communities.


iRepair (Innovative Repair)

We train vulnerable people especially persons with disabilities, women and disadvantaged youths on computer repair and hire some of them to run our computer repair service business. 



iComUsers (Innovative Computer Users)

We give you the basics to know how to use the computer to learn and work. You will also be taught on how to use devices that are out there to ease our daily activities.  


iEntrepreneurship (Innovative Entrepreneurship)

Here, we tuition our beneficiaries on IT Management and Entrepreneurship to make them fit to be job creators instead employees.


iPhotography (Innovative Photography)

We train our participants on how to use the computer to deliver quality and timely photography work to satisfy their clients.


iGraphics (Innovative Graphics)

We train our participant on how to manipulate graphics to make different graphical products like flyers, calendars, signpost, logos, branding text etc. 


iTechnologies (Innovative Technologies)

We train our participants irrespective of their age on how to make local technologies so they can develop a technology and creative mind.


iInternet (Innovative Internet)

We offer internet cafes with high speed internet equipped with scanning and printing facilities.


iCoding (Innovative Coding)

We want learning how to code to already start at a very early age. We therefore offer opportunities for children to learn how to code for free.

Key Points About Company 

We’re dedicated to excellence and precision – two things that have taken us far in the industry. We pride ourselves on our work, and we do whatever it takes to get the job done.