Girls’ Projects

We are a girl’s group with the mandate to remake the world with and for girls. Supported by our umbrella organization called eWomen SL, we have interesting project ideas for girls to offer. All we need is the appropriate support.


Projects for Girls Resilience in girls can be your unique Implementing Partner for the Initiatives below to remake the world for and with the Girls:

Community Technology Centers

We setup community technology centers so we can offer free courses course to volunteers.

Community Eco-friendly Playground

Girls to lead in making eco-friendly playgrounds as a way of promoting community building.

Community Waste Collection Points

Girls to lead in the making of innovative trash bins made from waste tyres to help make communities litter free.

Promoting Forests and Agroforestry for Girls

We the girls are championing the planting of trees to create forests and promote agroforestry.

Create 25 female entrepreneurs for girls

We need more female entrepreneurs as job creators so they can create job opportunities for girls.

Promote girls as leaders of their communities

Girls can be leaders in their communities to address issues affecting their communities.

Create a Computer Repair Shop for Girls

We want computer repair shops led by females to create opportunities in computer repair.

Establish a Carpentry Workshop for Girls

We want carpentry workshops led by females to create opportunities for girls in carpentry.

Suggest a project idea to empower Girls

Suggest any project idea that is meant to empower girls and we can implement it for you.

let’s work together to remake the world for and with girls

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  • They were with us all throughout the process, ensuring that we stand for girls. Their ideas are friendly to girls – for girls to enjoy and for us to keep looking back to. Thank you for what you do and for helping our communities safe for girls!

    Dennis & Yeabu, Parents at Rogbaneh Community Makeni
    October 2020
  • There are no words to express how lucky we are to have Resilience in Girls in our district! The project activities were undeniably good, but more than that, you made us feel so comfortable and relaxed throughout your events when things could get stressful. Will definitely recommend to all donors.

    Kurt & Kyra
    August 2017

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