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AmVee Disability Pride Farms

AmVee Disability Pride Farms is the embodiment of resilience and empowerment, spearheaded by the remarkable Aminata Fudia Bangura. Despite facing significant disabilities, Aminata has discovered profound joy in the realm of farming. Beyond cultivating crops, she sees it as a potent tool for combatting the scourge of Sexual and Gender-based Violence, and for advocating for the inclusion of marginalized individuals, particularly women.
In her journey, Aminata is not just cultivating crops; she’s sowing seeds of empowerment and celebrating the strength found within disability. Thanks to the generous support of eWomen, Aminata’s vision is gaining momentum. Her recent triumph in securing a three-year MOVE Purposeful grant in March 2024 marks a significant milestone in her mission to scale up her farming endeavors.
With every harvest, AmVee Disability Pride Farms stands as a testament to the power of determination, community support, and the resilience of the human spirit.

Farmers Market Sierra Leone

In 2024, Agnes, armed with a BSc in Computer Science, embarked on a remarkable journey to revolutionize agricultural commerce in Sierra Leone. Fueled by her passion for leveraging technology for social good, she chose to focus her final year project on developing an online marketplace tailored for smallholder farmers. This wasn’t just an academic pursuit; it was Agnes’s vision to empower local farmers by providing them with a platform to showcase their produce to a wider market.
Little did Agnes know that her project would transcend the confines of her university coursework. With the guidance of eWomen, a champion for female entrepreneurship and innovation, Agnes found an unexpected ally in her pursuit. The Chief Innovation Officer of eWomen, coincidentally Agnes’s supervisor during her final project, recognized the potential of Agnes’s work and saw it as more than just a school assignment. Together, they embarked on a mission to transform Agnes’s idea into a tangible business venture that could uplift communities and catalyze economic growth in Sierra Leone.
Now, Agnes finds herself at the forefront of a groundbreaking endeavor. With unwavering determination and the support of eWomen, she channels her skills and knowledge into building the Farmers Market Sierra Leone. What started as a mere academic project has evolved into a beacon of hope for smallholder farmers across the country, promising not just increased market access but also a brighter future for agricultural sustainability in Sierra Leone.

Dear Plastic

Dear Plastic emerged from humble beginnings, sparked by the initiative of its founder, Alpha Jalloh. Initially, Alpha embarked on a solo mission, collecting plastic waste from his modest snacks shop. His journey took a transformative turn when he crossed paths with eWomen, a pivotal encounter that led him to engage in a profound conversation with their Chief Innovation Officer (CIO).
In the course of their dialogue, the CIO unveiled a realm of boundless opportunities awaiting Alpha’s endeavors, provided he dared to dream big. Inspired by this revelation, Alpha resolved to shift gears, refraining from merely selling plastic waste to eWomen. Instead, he proposed a collaborative venture to spearhead a startup dedicated to championing the cause of zero plastic waste, with a dual aim of combating climate change and addressing sexual and gender-based violence. Thus, Dear Plastic was conceived.
Since its inception, Dear Plastic has swiftly garnered recognition, securing victories in various pitch competitions. Its latest endeavor involves a groundbreaking initiative aimed at transforming Makeni City into a verdant oasis through extensive tree planting efforts. To commemorate this undertaking, Dear Plastic has forged a partnership with eWomen to develop a pioneering tree pledging app, amplifying their impact and fostering widespread participation in their noble cause.


In the northern region of Sierra Leone, a remarkable initiative has taken root: BikeLadies. This pioneering project, spearheaded by eWomen SL, seeks to empower marginalized women by providing them with opportunities in the commercial motorcycle riding sector. The premise is simple yet transformative: any woman capable of proficiently operating a motorbike for commercial purposes stands to receive a brand new motorbike of her own, courtesy of eWomen.
One such inspiring tale within this movement is that of Mariama Timbo. Despite facing financial constraints that forced her to drop out of school after completing the WASCCE once, Mariama seized the opportunity presented by BikeLadies. Passing the rigorous test with flying colors, she was awarded a brand new motorbike by eWomen. Rather than stopping there, Mariama’s story took a remarkable turn. Fuelled by her newfound sense of purpose, she resolved to retake the WASCCE and pursue further education.
Yet Mariama’s journey didn’t end with her own success. Demonstrating her commitment to uplifting other marginalized women, she embarked on a mission to train them in the art of motorcycle riding. In recognition of her efforts, eWomen awarded her a second motorbike. With this, Mariama mentored a young woman named Sallay, doubling the impact of BikeLadies.
As Mariama’s influence spreads, more marginalized women are expressing interest in joining the ranks of BikeLadies. To meet this growing demand, Mariama has inked a Memorandum of Understanding with a driving school, entrusting them with the task of training aspiring female riders. Meanwhile, she continues her advocacy efforts, lobbying for additional motorbikes to support the expanding network of BikeLadies.

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