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Services We Provide

Empowering entrepreneurs with our comprehensive range of services

Business Incubation

Providing business incubation, mentorship, funding guidance, training, and more. In this image, you can catch a glimpse of Aminata Fudia, the visionary behind the innovative startup, AmVee Disability Pride Farms, nurtured under the wing of eWomen SL.

Mentorship and Coaching

From concept to completion, we turn your vision into reality with efficiency and quality. Abibatu, the co-founder of Dear Plastic, stands proudly in the photo. Dear Plastic, a startup born from the innovative minds at eWomen SL, is dedicated to championing the cause of zero plastic waste.

Access to Funding

Join our collaborative network of like-minded entrepreneurs and access peer support. In this snapshot, you’re witnessing Mariama Timbo, the determined proprietor of the pioneering startup, BikeLadies, empowered by eWomen with seed funding to acquire two motorbikes. BikeLadies is blazing trails as the first women-led commercial motorbike business in the northern region.

Our Story

With years of industry experience, eWomen SL has established itself as a leader in providing comprehensive support and solutions to entrepreneurs and startup businesses. We believe in the power of problem solving and innovation to create opportunities and drive positive change in our ecosystems.

Our Distinctive Value Proposition

What sets us apart in empowering aspiring entrepreneurs and startups

Comprehensive Support

Comprehensive Support at eWomen entails providing entrepreneurs with a holistic suite of resources, including mentorship, networking opportunities, access to funding, educational programs, and technological tools. It aims to address various needs and challenges faced by entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey, fostering their growth and success in the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship and innovation.

Inclusive Entrepreneurship

In the context of eWomen, Inclusive Entrepreneurship embodies the commitment to fostering a diverse and accessible entrepreneurial ecosystem. It prioritizes breaking down barriers to entry, ensuring that all individuals, regardless of background or circumstance, have equal opportunities to participate, thrive, and succeed in entrepreneurship. This approach not only celebrates diversity but also recognizes it as a source of innovation and strength within the entrepreneurial community.

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