Areas of Focus


Promoting education through our initiatives, we are enhancing the skills of a network of teachers, empowering them to deliver effective learning using technology within a Community of Excellence (COE).

Our focus is on innovative teaching methodologies, particularly inquiry-based learning, which we champion as a superior approach for teaching STEM subjects. Additionally, we curate and create interactive and engaging content and learning resources to enrich key STEM subjects, ensuring a dynamic and effective educational experience.

Innovation for Health

eWomen’s Innovation for Health Practice is dedicated to tackling health-related challenges through innovative solutions, research, and the Human-Centered Design (HCD) approach. As a core practice at eWomen, our mission is to drive global health tech innovation to solve complex health issues worldwide.

Society & Technology

Our focus is on examining the intersection of technology and society, with a specific emphasis on how emerging technologies impact the African ecosystem.

While the digital age has ushered in significant benefits for Africa, it has also introduced new challenges that could hinder the potential for technology to foster prosperity on the continent. To address these risks, we collaborate with various stakeholders to develop and implement innovative methodologies and approaches aimed at enhancing online safety.

Problems are Opportunities

We assist individuals and organizations in leveraging innovation and technology to address commercial and social challenges. By promoting creative thinking and collaborative problem-solving, we ensure the intelligent application of technology. Our expertise in delivering innovation through a human-centered design approach, coupled with our ability to transform ideas into business opportunities and eventually into thriving organizations, forms the foundation of our engagements.

Startup Funding

We specialize in backing aspiring entrepreneurs and innovators from inception with outstanding business concepts.

Our investment strategies are versatile across all sectors, enabling us to fund exceptional ventures poised for remarkable growth in their respective industries. We are deeply committed to rigorous exploration in sectors such as Research, Product Development, Public Health, Education, Digital Security, Governance, Finance, and Innovation Consulting. This focus allows us to offer robust support and strategic guidance to our portfolio companies operating within these verticals.

Good Governance through TIE

Promoting good governance in African countries like Sierra Leone through Technology, Innovation, and Entrepreneurship (TIE) offers transformative potential. TIE enhances governance by improving transparency, efficiency, and accountability through technology-driven solutions. Examples include mobile apps for reporting issues, blockchain for transparent transactions, and AI for data-driven policymaking. Entrepreneurship fosters economic growth and stability by creating jobs and reducing poverty. Strategic partnerships among government, private sector, civil society, and academia are crucial for cultivating local talent and fostering innovation ecosystems through initiatives like hackathons and tech startup incubators.

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