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You can support startups and aspiring innovators in different ways. Here are some ways to support them!


Introducing EcoTrikes, innovative manual vehicles designed by the startup Dear Plastic. Resembling tricycles, these EcoTrikes serve as mobile plastic waste collection points, providing a sustainable solution to address the pressing plastic waste crisis in Sierra Leone. By eliminating the need for fuel, EcoTrikes not only contribute to significant cost savings but also reduce environmental impact.
At the heart of this initiative lies a commitment to empower communities, particularly women, by easing the burden of heavy loads traditionally carried on their heads. With each EcoTrike priced at 12,000 NLe, investing in these vehicles not only supports Dear Plastic’s mission but also uplifts vulnerable individuals and communities. Join us in making a tangible difference, one EcoTrike at a time.


EcoPlaygrounds, backed by eWomen SL, pioneers in crafting playground components from discarded tires, offering both entertainment for children and a sustainable solution to waste management. Their eco-friendly playgrounds are gaining popularity across Sierra Leone, with three preschools already benefiting and plans for installation at the Bo Children Hospital underway. By financing a playground in a community or school, priced at 50,000 SLE per installation, you not only support EcoPlaygrounds but also provide joy and recreation for underprivileged children. Join the movement today and make a positive impact!

GreenLove App

Aspiring innovators within the realm of computer science are throwing their support behind a tree planting initiative launched by eWomen. Their endeavor involves the development of a user-friendly app called GreenLove, designed to streamline the process of pledging trees for planting. While the tree planting efforts are already underway, the GreenLove app aims to enhance the experience by introducing engaging features, making the act of pledging trees for the lush green spaces of Sierra Leone more enjoyable. To bring the GreenLove app to life, resources such as data storage, software licenses, and other essentials are required. However, the team behind this initiative is committed to making it happen. Currently, individuals are pledging trees via WhatsApp, but the upcoming GreenLove app promises an even more immersive and interactive pledging experience. In support of the app’s development, contributions in the form of tree pledges are welcome. Each tree pledge amounts to 125 SLE, and interested parties can easily make their pledges by contacting us. Notably, these pledged trees can be dedicated for any purpose specified by the donor. Whether it’s to commemorate a loved one’s birthday or to honor the memory of a departed family member, the pledged trees will be planted with the donor’s intentions in mind, ensuring a meaningful and personalized contribution to the greening of Sierra Leone.

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